How would you like to live with more  curiosity, creativity, excitement, resolute action instead of stress, anxiety, regret and guilt?

Positive Intelligence coaching will expand your capacity to respond to life’s challenges with positive rather than negative mindset and enjoy peak performance, peace of mind and healthy relationship 

In her work as a coach, Jenya creates unique spaces where wholehearted conversations take place and transformation can occur. It’s a space where you can think and dream out loud in the presence of a committed listener and skilled sounding board.

Why life coaching?

You know deep inside that you are open, playful, loving, happy, curious, free and adventurous. But instead you sabotage yourself with anxiety, stress, guilt and suppressed resentment. A coach is your thinking partner and catalyst for change. Coach Jenya helps her clients to tap into their wisdom and strength, discover their inner Sage and thrive while living a fully expressed life.

Well, it is truly worth calling a dream-like miracle! I strongly recommend Jenya as a person who never misses the details, who is structured and organized( she has wonderful methodology), consistent, positive, and kind. So if you are ready to finally take a hold of your life, then working with Jenya is sure to help you. Enjoy your journey!

Elena Walter, QA analyst, Wells Fargo

Working with coach Jenya has been a great blessing to me. It's amazing how making some undramatic (I didn't need to move, quit my job, or leave my family), but substantial, additions to my life are making such a big difference in how I feel about myself and how much more satisfied I feel with the direction my life is taking.

Tatiana, QA engineer, Houston
Every challenge in work and life can be met with the Sage, positive perspective. If you use your inner Sage to overcome these challenges, you will experience Sage feelings of curiosity, compassion, creativity, joy, peace, and grounded decisiveness even in the midst of great crises.

What situations can coaching help with?

Life transitions filled with uncertainty

Crisis/ Need for emotional decluttering

Feeling of being stuck and hitting the wall in any area of life

Achieving career goals or need to make a major career decision. Coaching is especially effective for multi-potential people who are interested in multiple professional paths.

Lack of vision where you want /can go with your life/career/relationship.

Huge Unbelievably Good Goals, which makes your heart sing: discovering them, believing and taking laser focused confident actions without self-sabotage

If you are interested in exploring further what coaching can do for you, I invite you to connect and schedule discovery session. It’s an hour-long free video conference call with me. We will talk about your dreams, goals, challenges and concerns to determine if we are a good match for a long-term coaching relationship.

About Jenya

Jenya Kuvshinova is personal and professional development coach certified by the International Coaching Federation and is a world-wide adventure traveler.

She has been hiking, climbing, backpacking, skiing, rafting and canyoneering in Siberia, Middle Asia, China, Swiss Alps, Argentina and all across the United States – Colorado, Utah, California and Washington for more than 30 years.

Over the past 8 years Jenya has been a personal development coach helping her clients to achieve clarity and confidence and empowering them to create desired positive changes in their lives. With her international life and work experience she brings a unique dual perspective to the table that is very inspiring.

Her business background includes working in marketing for Coca-Cola and Sprint and working as an executive search recruiter for the oil and gas industry.

The dream to bring together hiking in mountains and personal growth was first born from her own deep transformational experience during her adventures. She believes it’s her gift to the world – to bring people to the mountains to experience transformation.

Three moments to live for

Standing at the top of highest active volcano in Eurasia (in Russian Kamchatka peninsula) to call family in Houston over satellite phone.

Smell of juniper smoke every morning in high Himalayan villages settled between magnificent peaks in Nepal.

Having to spend an unplanned night inside a glacier crevasse when climbing a previously unclimbed high pass in the Karakorum mountains of China.

My coaching views on nature and life

Nature offers plenty of opportunities for reflection

Sometimes we experience our personal winter, but there is always a hidden gift in it

Lesson from Nature: it is never in a hurry but everything is accomplished.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

What mountains would you like to climb with a coach as a committed and skillful partner at your side? Schedule free hour-long video conference call with coach Jenya and experience the power of life coaching. Treat yourself with her undivided attention and support. You can expect awareness questions about your situation, options and what’s truly important for you, fun reflective exercises, re-framing obstacle into opportunities and beginning of your shift to more positive perspective. By the end of the session we will determine if we are a good match for longer coaching relationship.

If you want to learn more about Jenya’s work as a coach you can watch her ICF presentation Nature as powerful often overlooked resource for resilience.